We’re Here to Guide, Learn, and Grow Together.

From webinars to community meetups, our events are tailored to nurture your expertise and strengthen our collective soil health. We’re backed by OMAFRA, so we’re committed to making every interaction count.

Collaborative Impact:

Forge partnerships that multiply the benefits for everyone involved.

Community Resilience:

Let’s sow seeds that weather both storms and droughts.

Knowledge Sharing:

No ivory towers here, just practical, actionable wisdom.

Collective Responsibility:

The soil under your boots? It's our shared foundation.

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So How Does All of This Work?

Our 6-part leadership workshop series runs Wednesday mornings 10-am-Noon online, with one in-person event.

We Build the Let's Talk Soil Season Together

In the Network Challenge, you’ll gain practical skills to help you become a community leader in your own right. From planning local events and engaging in ad campaigns to speaking at major agriculture gatherings, there’s something for every skill level. And once we’re all trained up, we’ll get together in person to exchange ideas and lay out our visions for strengthening our local networks in the year ahead.

To date, the Soil Network cohorts have spoken at and hosted over 300 events, reached over 25,000 farmers & 5,000 industry reps. in events and mentoring conversations; and spent over 2,000 hours on research, 8,000 on outreach.

The Ontario Soil Network Challenge 2024!

A Platform Where Learning Thrives and Community is Built.

🌱 Thank you for your enthusiasm! We’re thrilled to see the wave of interest in joining the OSN Network Challenge. While applications for this year have closed, the journey towards healthier soil and stronger community ties continues.

Our 2024 cohort is embarking on a year of hands-on learning, innovative soil health practices, and community building. Although the sign-up window has passed, the spirit of the Network Challenge remains vibrant. Stay tuned for updates, stories, and insights from this year’s participants. They’re not just part of the Ontario Soil Network; they’re your fellow soil health advocates, ready to explore, share, and grow together.

Missed this round? Don’t worry! Keep your passion for soil health alive and stay connected with us. We’ll be opening doors for the next challenge soon. Until then, let’s keep the conversation going:

In Partnership with OMAFRA

The Ontario Soil Network Challenge is made possible by a strategic partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). This collaboration enhances our reach and impact, aligning with our mutual commitment to advance soil health and sustainable farming practices.