Network Challenge Participants and Alumni

2021 Network Challenge

2019 Network Challenge

Absent from photos:

  • Brandon Smith
  • Charlene Whattam
  • Ian Sculthorpe
  • Fiona Tough
  • Mark Burnham
  • Rob White
  • Stefan Zehetner
  • Tyler McBlain
  • Carl Brubacher
  • Andy Van Niekerk
  • Greg Cruickshank
  • Timothy Williams
  • Aaron Bowman
  • Harry Biermans

2017 Network Challenge

Back row(s): Tyler Vollmershausen, Colin Little, Thomas Farrell, Mike Buis, Gerard Grubb, Doug Patterson, Randy Dykstra, Adam Ireland, Woody Van Arkel, Jordan Poelman, Deanna Nemeth, Tatianna Lozier, Alan Willits, Steve Sickle, Ross Wilson (hiding behind Steve!), Tyler Papple, Ken Laing, Matt Smyth, Rob Luymes, Alan Kruszel, Mike Lishman, Keith Martin, Mel Luymes, Gord Green, Charles Emre. Front row: Anne Verhallen, Kristine Hammell, Dorienne Cushman, Christine George, Tori Waugh, Catherine Van Arkel, Jessica VanZwol, Joanne Feddes, Warren Schneckenburger, Brett Schuyler, Doug Rogers, Jake Munroe, Laura Van Eerd, Rick Kootstra. Absent: Dave McEachren, Don Lobb, Sara Wood, Ken Nixon, Betsy McClure.

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