Empowering Soil Stewards

At OSN, we unite a diverse cadre of agrarian advocates, from tillers of the earth to scientific trailblazers, all championing the cause of sustainable farming. Dive into our vision where thriving soils reflect the well-being of our farms and families.

Charting a Sustainable Path

Our mission is to foster conversation and action among farmers, shaping an Ontario that's as lush and fertile as it is economically robust. We're laying down roots for an ecosystem that's built to last, ensuring that our agricultural practices are as enduring as the land itself.

Driving Change Through Research and Community

We’re committed to:

  • Innovative Research: Continually evolving our strategies with the latest scientific insights.
  • Educational Outreach: Providing accessible resources to empower every land steward in Ontario.
  • Strengthened Collaboration: Building bridges between farmers, industry experts, and policy makers.
  • Conscientious Stewardship: Leading with a sense of duty to the lands that sustain us.

Meet Our Groundbreakers

Our core is fortified by members like Lorraine Vandermyden, our Research and Demonstration Coordinator, whose expertise propels our cause forward. Alongside a dedicated board and staff, Lorraine embodies the knowledge and passion that define OSN.
  • Tori Waugh

    Executive Director
  • Paige Allen

    Provincial Coordinator
  • Lorraine Vandermyden

    Research and Demonstration Coordinator
  • Ian Virtue

    Marketing and Communicaitons Coordinator

Join Us on the Journey

Eager to dig deeper? Our network is ever-expanding, and we invite you to be a part of it. Whether you’re interested in participating in our events, tapping into our trove of resources, or simply connecting with fellow soil savants, there’s a place for you here.

Join us as we cultivate not just crops, but a legacy of sustainability that will flourish for generations to come.