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About the Ontario Soil Network

Welcome to the Ontario Soil Network, where our mission goes beyond the surface. We are not just a network; we are a community committed to the environmental and economic vitality of farming in Ontario.

Our Mission

To strengthen Ontario's agricultural communities by advancing the science of soil health, fostering peer-to-peer education, and advocating for sustainable farming practices.

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Core Values

Embarking on the OSN journey, we're rooted deep in values that nurture the ground we stand on and the community we serve. It's a down-home blend of shared grit and wisdom, driving us toward a future where sustainability isn't just a buzzword, but a way of life. Every step we take is planted firmly in the belief that together, our hands can till more than just soil—they can cultivate a legacy. Welcome to where the heart and the harvest meet.

  • Sustainability

    We are future-proofing Ontario’s agriculture by promoting environmentally responsible practices that our children and their children can depend on.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Our network is an ever-growing repository of research, insights, and on-the-ground experiences. When you join OSN, you tap into a wealth of knowledge that’s both practical and actionable.

  • Collaborative Impact

    We believe in the power of partnerships. By uniting farmers, researchers, and industry leaders, we are sowing seeds for a more sustainable future for everyone.

  • Collective Responsibility

    The health of our soil impacts not just farmers but entire communities and future generations. We believe in shared responsibility and collective action for lasting change.

  • Community Resilience

    Our efforts extend beyond soil health. We are nurturing farming communities that are resilient, economically viable, and environmentally conscious.

  • Integrity

    Our network stands on the pillars of ethical interaction, unbiased dissemination of information, and transparent practices.

Why Join Us?

When you become part of OSN, you’re not just gaining access to resources; you’re becoming a member of a community that’s as passionate about soil health as you are. From our 2024 Network Challenge to our various educational webinars and local meetups, we offer multiple avenues for hands-on learning, skill-building, and networking.

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🌱 Keep the Momentum Going

Even if you’re not part of this year’s challenge, there are countless ways to contribute to soil health and network growth. Explore our resources, attend public events, and continue to apply best practices in soil management.

Together, we’re nurturing the ground beneath us and fostering resilience within our farming communities. Stay inspired and be ready to sign up for the next Network Challenge!

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Our Founding Sponsors

The following sponsors have been vital to the creation and successful launch of the Ontario Soil Network as an organization. We are grateful for their contributions and guidance, and look forward to bringing value to Ontario's agricultural industry as a result of their involvement Interested in joining this esteemed circle and driving forward sustainable agriculture with us? Let's explore how we can grow together.

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